Mt. Longonot

short poerty, wors move, american painting, history, grant wood, love

Do you remember
the climb?

short or not,
shall we not?

Remember the trip up,

can we not, did we not?

Remember fooling around,
In that old farmhouse,

will we not, sexy tot,
love my hot
sexy pot?

Let him have the car keys dear,
Let him go to Longonot.


American Gothic Challenge     evocative short poetry – words move

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♦picture – American Gothic by Grant Wood at & Logonot Crater at

10 thoughts on “Mt. Longonot

  1. Kasichana Ogembo says:

    Unhand those keys………bring out the blanket and kindly pass me a sandwich, a little salad on the side will do please………..

    • kolembo says:


      What ARE you doing on the site sweetie!
      If only people knew! It’s so strange seeing you here!

      I haven’t written in ages, I have to get myself together!

  2. Sensual memories … Long and hot. Ha! Well done …

  3. Hanna Wilbur says:

    Hey, you changed your Gravatar! It’s not a bunny anymore :). Now it is much more scarier… 😛 hahah…

  4. love the rhythm of this poem

  5. penpusherpen says:

    remembered times, longings, and the passing on the key.
    Enjoyed the read and the memory…xPenx..

  6. giulas41 says:

    Is a joy to read your poems! Sweet music!

  7. Judy Roney says:

    Wow, very sensual poem!

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