Frogs this side of the universe

short poetry, aliens, evolution, environment, extinction,


Evidently frogs lie in wait,

And the moon sets on stranger ground,
Than we will ever imagine,

Grey landscapes of endless twilight and,
Shifting sand,

Shadows that congeal into shapeless forms,
Gliding over dank walls,

Flowing into dimly lit caverns,
Filled with hunched figures,

Hundreds of them,
Four limbed slugs captured eons ago,

Growing wings and emerging from sacs,

Peering into neon and,
Farting occasionally,

Stubby limbs chained to,
Grimey floors,

Tubes running into foreheads,
Ruffling DNA,

Every so often we run into humans,
Who do not understand,

That they are only Earthlings,
This side of the Universe,

Night flies on computer screens,
Attracted to the light completely.


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evocative short poetry – words move

22 thoughts on “Frogs this side of the universe

  1. claudia says:

    ha…very good job on looking at it from the other side of the universe… maybe we wouldn’t do the one or other thing if we took the time to think about how it felt if someone did the same to us..

  2. ayala says:

    A cool piece!

  3. A different perspective ~ I felt we are intruders ~

    Nice to see you at D’verse ~

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  5. […]   Evidently frogs lie in wait, And the moon sets on stranger ground, Than we will ever imagine, Grey landscapes of endless twilight and, Shifting sand, Shadows that congeal into shapeless form…  […]

  6. tashtoo says:

    This is fantastic! Love the presentation, loved the easy reading, love the common sense flipped to poetry…humans…well, love them not so much…seriously enjoyed the write and where my mind was let to wander…

  7. hedgewitch says:

    I loved every word of this–a fantasy that is also a reality, and an allegory and a mind-trip. Especially loved the opening and close.

  8. Really enjoying the imagery in this.

    Nice work with this.

  9. brian miller says:

    really good piece man…people that dont understand they are just human beings…i was feeling for the animals…and the testing that seemed to be happening to them…and it is us just mucking with life trying to become our own gods…

  10. Lindy Lee says:

    Amphibians oft’ times get a bad rap. Your poem here puts this one hominid into a strange mood…

  11. mybluescreen says:

    Kolembo, your poetry is divine and heartfelt. I love, love, love this line especially: “And the moon sets on stranger ground,/ Than we can ever imagine….”

  12. I feel so dumb! I meant AFRICA, also I vastly apologize for my misspelled post to you, gee what is going on with me? Hospital the other nice, with the wonderful services I’ve been blessed to receive… I do love my Country and the USA indeed!

    However, my main reason to write you yet again… I do apologize again, for my long and confusing post and bad spelling; meant I hope to visit you one day, hope to visit AFRICA I mean and pay you a knock on the door friend… Again sorry for my lacking email post, feel very free to edit it and edit this one for me, and more so for you my Stoic (not really), altruistic, giving and caring soul!

    God Bless Buddy,
    Rnoble;-) 😉

  13. I vastly and truly appreciate you very, very much brother in the “BEAUTFUL country of AFICA. Hopefully we can/dould possibly meet one day, but Please know I am trying my dearly blessed buddy! I am always thinking of you and what you’ve blogged today, today and yet again today and over and over… I truly feel inspired and lifted by a vast, “VAST”Majory from you dear friend. Quite obviously you also affect/effect so many and I support this very, very much and celebrate your contributions pal. Know I give a damn pimp juice (just joking, being the guy you know, ya’s know me right)! Sorry to post improperly here, as not concisely and directly in link to your blog, yet know I read your work all the time and recommend you to any and all I can… I also appreciate your words in relation to my blog and I absolutely respect and love your content and always (again forgive my repetition bro) feel blessed to know such a great and valued contact…

    ~Rock It Brother, keep Keepin on and know I am demanding for you to have a kic ass weekend…

    Your Friend Rnoble

    and faithful subscriber and reader, as I also wish to support others and would love your recomentations as per whom to follow, as I wish, and will strongly support and best for all here brother!

  14. powerful highlight…unique take.

    well done.

  15. I like the contrasting perspectives of life represented in your poem. Nicely written.

  16. penpusherpen says:

    two diverse sides of life, frog views. Poetic and instructive. I Like it…xPenx

  17. aha, the life of frogs we never see

  18. Graham Nunn says:

    Love this Kolembo… the first half has a natural beauty and then the second half questions hard.

  19. Jingle says:

    humans are diverse beings…
    people share many sins/virtues in common, yet they differ and appear strange to us too…

    Dan always has lots of humors, Glad to see him tickle you.

    lovely entry.


  20. Sulthana says:

    Ew. This has put me off frogs even more 😛

    Nice form though 🙂

  21. danroberson says:

    Of course to the light. How else could humans on the other side of the universe write poetry and stories? Or in the story telling tradition gather around campfires, away from the frogs.
    I enjoyed your poem although I tend to take it different directions than intended. Thank you for sharing. Did you know I used to live near Frogville?

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