Looking for the rain

short poetry, depression, clouds, isolataion


You’re covered in the shit of life.
Great big clumps of it.

Hands jammed so far down,
Your pockets,

You have become,
A statue in the park.

Someone once told me,
Look up when you’re down,
There’s God in the clouds.

Rabbits in tuxedo’s and hedgehogs exploding,
Bands of men with strong pointed noses,
Streams of women with long flowing scarves,
Platters of cheese and housewives in Bath-tubs,

Stoves and kettles and cottages
with smoke-stacks,

and Einstein
And soldiers reloading-

I could use some rain.

photo –  MEG BHA at Gossamer Dreams on WordPress/123rf.com

evocative short poetry – words move

11 thoughts on “Looking for the rain

  1. Anonymous says:

    Read this over and over again. Many thoughts, many thoughts. Love the journey it took me through.

  2. Hey Kenny, thanks for dropping by at Tingtasy… Yeah, you are right about the teacher behind her glasses, looking at the student, getting them involved with Science Friction.. I was thinking of one of my teachers when I wrote that poem which explains those words I wrote..

    Anyway, managed to find your blog.. Stopped by your other blog at blogspot earlier but it was empty without a post.. 😦 So yeah, I am here..

    My first time here, (if I am not mistaken) and I am capture by this piece of your writing.. You made a terrific expression on the simplicity while highlighting what appeared in most complexing mind.. Nice write, I have to say… Terrific!!!

    And hope to see you on Tingtasy again.. Hmm, was trying to find the follow button but well, I can’t but I am certain I will be back again.. 🙂

  3. An edgy feel to your poetry. Nicely done.

  4. Well, it’s like this – I figure when the bluebird of happiness shits on your head, the only thing to do is grab the shampoo and go sing in the shower.

    You say it so much better, but its the best I can come up with today. ;-}

  5. Carl says:

    This is an excellent piece! It was a terrific journey. My mind went from no hope to large hope and back to moderated hope found in daily life. Amazing when a piece like this takes you on such a large spiritual journey.

  6. Hanna Wilbur says:

    You said you also make movies? How about post a clip on this blog? I would like to see some of you movie making work :).
    Oh, I just wrote a post about death.
    And, yeah, the rain is AWESOME ^_^!

  7. K,

    Hey buddy, it’s Rich or better known as nobilitynotraein.com (lol, I’m a dork)! Yeah I’d have to agree with your friend above, that oft-times things can be downright shite man, or WTF momemts if you like? Good time for rain indeed friend, wash all the garbage away… Something I do that helps me, when you shower or bathe, imagine the water, hell even rain if in it long enough (no thanks right), imagine the water as God or whatever pure light you feel or believe? Washing you of all your imperfections; however strengtening your weaknesses? Imagination is a hell of a powerful thing, as such is visualization… Have seen much of your work my friend, and it is a wonderful, excellent collection(s) of your hard earned/written works friend! Look forward to reading your further works, haven’t been sorry for checking a bit, I’d recommend your site to anyone friend! Keep it keepin and My Best Friend………————

    Much Peace,

  8. Ah,The complexities of life.I love a rain whenever my mind is in turmoil.

    Was real good reading this.Kinda relate to how I feel right now.

    Many thanks for dropping by my place.Lovely one shot!

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