Careful now…


short poetry, Africa, hope, future, children, freedom, potential


And look!
There’s an African!


There’s another!

So fragile,
Precious stones off,
Every limb!

Careful now,
May come a time,

When evil cloaked in,
What is right!
Leads goodness into night!


words move, Africa, reconcilliation, ownership, economics, future, death

See – Exile
photos – Pierre Holtz & Paul Cadenhead for REUTERS at

8 thoughts on “Careful now…

  1. A touching poem indeed. I like the way you write about everyday life. I will visit you again.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  2. lesleehare says:

    I’m left speechless again… (well, obviously not really, but I think you know what I mean…) Thank you.

  3. penpusherpen says:

    Violence personified, and evil cloaks itself in so many guises. Painful to read, and to see, but needs telling. Wonderful descriptive poem…xx

  4. I am constantly amazed at how you simply do not flinch… whew!

  5. @wQueens7 says:

    A very interesting juxtaposition of words & images

  6. danroberson says:

    I’m glad you reposted. Often our stereotypes get confused. What is an African but someone who lives on that continent. He could be Arabic or Dutch or from Togo. So many choices. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Such a touching poem! In addition to the simple yet strong words, the pictures you’ve chosen are perfect. Thanks for sharing. You have a great talent my friend. I can imagine that it comes from deep within.

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