Editing the bible

poem, religion


We’ve all seen them,

Womens circle knitting on,

Mens having breakfast to learn,
How to lead,

Ever been inside a church,
I mean inside?

You know the ones;

Talk on the phone when you’re,
Writing notes,

Don’t come in late when
Next door,

Looking over the shoulder of
The fat woman in green,

They are editing the bible at the behest of the priest,

Yellow dragons,
Farmhouse animals,

Beware the document groaning,
With evidence of having been read.



Photo – ♦Fruit Of Hands

-short evocative poetry-

2 thoughts on “Editing the bible

  1. Oh, my, so much here to chew on and get angsty with…provoking, my friend. xo

    • kreemer says:

      Hi there!
      Yes, it was wild for me also!. I’m doing lent and then this comes along.

      I think I hear Jesus laughing somewhere. I think it has something to do with checking the ‘righteousness’ sweeping through the church at the moment, snuffing out the hopes of the very poor in spirit and wealth that God has so much love for.

      Separating, defining, parceling out access to Grace as though we own it….

      Ak. I enjoyed having it come though! It’s missing a line somewhere I feel but that will come sometime. Sending Easter warmth.

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