The sound of an African funeral


They sing for him,
Swinging from heel to frail heel,

Growing earth between the ground and,
his casket,

Bleeding love into the air
Like orchids,


They rise again
And again their gently swaying busts,

Move the air to and fro,
To and fro,

Intending that mother be comforted,

Intending that her wet eyes,
Smile at new wives, that

though her son was gunned down, the
Rhythm of the occasion,

Brings life.

-short evocative poetry-

We cavort wildly with Language


The fish comes , streaming and
English is not the only language making sense.

Politics accompanied by vegetables spewing flavor,
Kenyans having lunch on the Boulevard,

Lakeshore, Victoria;

Commitment is the idea that momentum cannot disrupt motion, that
Committed, one moves forward,

Becoming better,

Choosing beyond the sound
Of Americans,

Providing proof of the pudding, cavorting

With language, the notion that language is not owned, it is spoken; shoot
Past the target.

Make it count.
Marriage will not be left with men and women, who

Cannot follow through, it will be had by those who commit,
Whomever the couple.

-evocative short poetry-