Dream Catcher

words move, bandits, cowboy, sheriff, protector

Here you are,
In a long, low, valley,
On a horse, under sweltering sky.

A single trail runs East to West,
As far as the eye can see.

The sheep-skin bags,
Slung low off the saddle,
Are empty.

Bandits rode into town last week,
And made off with a couple of dreams,

Now you must choose,
Which way to go,

You are the Sheriff;
The dream-catcher.

-evocative short poetry-


short poetry, words move, man alone, homeless, famous, dreams

surely now,
the Orange will,

break into segments,
small enough to eat.

I choked last time, swallowing it whole.

gonna be a movie star,
once I’m on my feet,

ride around on leather seats,
drunk on adulation.

These days I carry a pocket knife,
I was given,

A portable juicer,
And a hammer,

Just in case.


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Linn for Narcissus at Versus for the Cynical.

The courtyard 7E81341DFA8767C7355C7125D163E3EE

short poery, war, death, dog togs, young soldiers, experience

The courtyard is alive with the spit of angry bullets,
And baked hard by the scorching sun.

Clouds of smoke drift in,
In patches,

And are,
Collected by moans,

That become tiny whirlwinds,
That suck on the dog tags on dead men’s chests.

See – Why we fight, Soldier
photo – 67pics.com


evocative short poetry – words move