Radio Wars

The strident tones came through the radio,
And announced themselves

Others took defensive positions.

The mediator,
On BBC, changed
His shirt
And asked another question.

They had set up camp around a wall that was
Only half way done,


‘What are you gonna do about it!’
Fully scaled up.

It didn’t occur to me to turn the dial.
I thought about my passport instead.

photos – & Talal Abu Rahma for France2 – controversy details at hosting

Dreams of Black Incompetence

We are looking again,
through misty dawns,
laden with empty,

promises of wealth,

not ours to hold,
or caress him with,
white man,
brother too,

or guide him by the hand,
to graze on greener pasture,

-fields of love-

Or raise him from this,
Dreams of black incompetence.


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photos – the 29 saddest pictures in the world &

The Motorcyclist

Between steering wheel and
Cigarette lighter,
Is a glance to the rear view mirror.

And the cocky grin of,
The rider behind.

All I see is eyes,
Glinting, and

Sleek, body fit,
Body suit,

But wait.

A twitch in the wrong place,
Sends me back to the mirror.

Becoming a blur to my right,
The old lady up ahead,
Makes her move.