Pansies, Holly and Twinkly lights


The brown bee,
Big as a bear,

That visits my Polyandra,

Flies meticulous patterns around morning blooms
Dispersing pollen,

As easily as the hummingbird next to it,
Serenades hibiscus.

We spend time collecting memories and ornaments like,
Christmas bulbs have no lifetime,

We miss Pansy’s and Holly’s and Twinkly lights,
At Sundown,

When closets shut,
And tears are caressed by lovers or husbands,

Beautiful lives spent,
Draping balconies and seasons;

Bumble bees for a time.


-short evocative poetry-
For a special friend, at this time.


The Tyranny of doubt.

short poetry, age, end, death, review, purpose, doubt

When you are born,
You know that you are,
Here to change the world,
And it is good,
And it’s alright,
To do your best.


You’re checking the curtains,
Just in case,
You run out of sunshine.

-evocative short poetry-